Where it all began

My longhorn experience began with 2 steers in 1983. I joined TLBAA that year and soon purchased 2 bred WR branded cows. My herd never numbered more than 15-20 cows because I didn’t have the time needed to grow it. Raising 3 kids and practicing Orthopedic Surgery didn’t allow much spare time.

Kids are now grown and moved away (but with 10 grandchildren) and I retired from my Orthopedic practice last year. This allows me to spend most of my time hunting, fishing, and growing my longhorn herd.

Through AI and purchasing bred cows, my herd includes daughters from Boomerang, CV Casanova’s Magnum, Tabasco, RRR Jagged Edge, Touchdown of RM along with granddaughters from JP Rio Grande, CV Cowboy Casanova, Super Bowl, Overwhelmer, Senator, Emperor, Diego’s Hot Shot, JM Sue.

Previously my breeding program relied upon Superstitious, a 75” TTT Superbowl son and WF Gameboy, a 70” TTT JP Rio Grande son. My younger cows are their daughters.

Currently my senior herd sire is Scorpion, a 110”Total Horn son of Trail Boss (owned in partnership with Lin Torgeson and Gary Bowdoin. My junior herd sire is Casanova Silver Bullet, a 20 month-old son of CV Casanova’s Magnum (owned in partnership with Gary Bowdoin.

Expect to hear a lot from Chisholm Range Longhorns in the next couple of years!

The Becker Family

Chisholm Range's proven Texas genetics, as featured on the cover of  Trails, the official publication of the TLBAA